5 Top Tips for Styling your Glass Holders

We take a look at these 5 top tips for decorating a tea light holder


Sometimes a simple glass tea light holder doesn't quite complete the effect you are hoping to create with your Battery Candle tea light; here we share 5 ways to add that extra sparkle.

5 top tips:

- Add a touch of chalk board paint to your holder, and decorate with your guests names - perfect for dinner parties or weddings!

- Use a ribbon to surround the holder with cinnamon sticks, creating an attractive look and adding a gentle scent to your display

- A classic arts and crafts tip: create custom designs with glue and glitter

- Explore your creativity with tissue paper creating an infinite number of designs!

Lace can easily create a stylish and attractive effect

Of course, the best thing about our BatteryCandle tea lights is that there is no heat generated and so no risk of your beautiful designs being damaged!

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