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Autumn Crafts with Battery Candles

We give you a few rainy day crafting ideas to keep you and the kids busy

We love our Battery Candles and know you do to. So we thought we'd give you a few rainy day crafting ideas to bring new life to your candles. We have picked some of the best autumn inspired crafts we could find that you can get your children involved with as well.

Autumn leaf Mason jar

All you need for this crafty project is a large glass Mason jar, dried autumn leaves, PVC glue and a brush. Collect a selection of leaves varying in sizes and colours then place them between the pages of a magazine to dry for two weeks. When the two weeks are up cover your chosen jar in PVC glue and start placing your leaves into your chosen design we recommend pasting over more glue once you've placed each leaf. Leave the jar to dry thoroughly if you feel it necessary you can add another coat of clue to your design. Once completely dry place your chosen battery candle inside we recommend either a tea light or votive.


Acorn Candleholder

This is a simple and fun craft that your kids can help you with. Collect a few handfuls of acorns make sure they are roughly of a similar shape and size. Using a piece of cardboard trace around the base of your chosen candle we recommend using a pillar candle, cut around the candle outline leaving about a ¾ inch gap. Take the cap of the acorn, run a bit of glue around the top and place the acorn back in, this will leave you with a more secure candleholder! Once your acorns have dried place a ring of glue around the outline of your candle and place your candle in place (to keep the spacing correct). Now simply place your acorns around the candle to dry and hey presto you have yourself an acorn candleholder.

Cinnamon candle decoration

This is a straightforward but incredibly effective crafting project, all you'll need is a pillar candle, cinnamon sticks, twine and glue. Depending on your preference you can trim the sticks down to sit inline with your candle or leave them at different lengths to further add to the rustic feel. Simply place a line of glue down your candle, place the cinnamon stick and hold in place so the glue takes. Once you've worked your way around the candle simply tie the twine at the centre of the candle and fasten.

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