Flameless candles never burn down, no heat, no mess. Safe around children and pets

Battery Candles could transform your Church

Our Battery Candles are perfect for use in Churches


Candles have been a centrepiece of religious ceremony for centuries. We explore how our Battery Candles offer a safer alternative to tradititonal candles.

History of church candles

Whilst candle use in churches has become symbolic, it probably originiated from simple convenience of lighting the church space. However today the flame of a candle has become a symbol for the power of god, and the divinity of Jesus. It is an important part of many religious ceremonies, and is used to create a soft atmosphere for contemplation. 

Health and Safety

The use of naked flames has many health and safety considerations and can cause a rise in insurance premiums. Most insurance companies recommend strict regulations for the use of traditional candles, such as using good quality (slower burning) candles, using drip-trays for hand-held candles, ensuring ample fire extinguishers and fire blankets are present and to have a set evacuation procedure in place. Whilst these arrangements might become standard preparation for an event, they can be time consuming and costly.

Battery Candles

Replacing some of your candles with Battery Candles could reduce your insurance costs, and help to avoid health and safety regulations! Our 'church' pillar candles have up to 1,000 hours of burn time on a single set of batteries, meaning that they rarely need changing. Our range includes unscented and vanilla scented candles, tea lights, votives and taper candles. All our products have been tested before sales, to ensure that we stock only the highest quality battery candles available. In addition, Battery Candles are more cost-effective option in the long term; why not read more about the costs of "Traditional vs. Battery Candles".

Flameless Candle Wholesale

To make the 'switch' to Battery Candles as easy as possible, we offer a wholesale service for larger orders. This not only cuts the costs of the original order, but it means that these candles be re-used year on year for all your calendar events. If you would like to know more about this service, please use the Wholesale Enquiry form to get in touch and one of our Customer Service team members will be in touch with our full price list.