Battery Candles light up Norwich Car Show

The Norwich Car Show saw an unexpected use of flameless candles this weekend

This weekend saw the town of Norwich, Connecticut welcome over 300 vintage cars for the 28th annual Norwich Car Show. With cars from the last one hundred years, the models displayed to the Dodd Stadium in the showed the extent of innovation which has taken place, harking back to the days of the 1913 Ford Model T. Chairman David Whitfield is keen to keep the enthusiasm for cars going and Sunday proved to be yet another great day for those interested in the history of automobiles. 

We've seen plenty of inventive uses for flameless candles, but Charlie Coushaine's 1913 Model T Truck at the show is definitely one of the most unique. Modelled after a toy truck he found, Mr Coushaine's creation features a wooden bed for the back and mounted a genuine Jack Daniels wooden whisky barrel to a spring-loaded frame. Cans of oil, water and gasoline are secured to the running board while battery operated candles illuminate the way. While we don't think our battery candles would be MOT friendly, we love seeing them being put to use in such a fun way, replacing the original candles on this classic car.

Speaking to Reminder News, Mr. Coushaine commented on the change in attitude to driving since the Ford Model T ruled the roads.

“Everyone carried extra, just in case,” he said. “They always dripped a little oil, and gas stations weren’t prevalent. They’re simple to work on and easy to understand. All you need is a screwdriver and a wrench.”

Although it was the first time he had taken his creation to a large car show, his Model T truck earned him a trophy. To see Charlie's footage from the show and to see his Ford Model T in action, check out the YouTube video below: