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Battery operated candles saving the planet with Earth Hour

With global warming an increasingly important issue, battery candles have a bigger role to play than just looking pretty.


There are quite a few reasons why you may be interested in buying battery powered candles, whether for safety concerns, convenience or to conserve power usage. As well as being a source of light, candles are a symbol of hope. In Shanghai this week, more than 500 people hopeful for a better tomorrow assembled to break the world record for the number of candles blown out simultaneously, demonstrating their commitment to Earth Hour.

The evironmentally minded group assembled into an S-shape at Pudong, Shangri-La, Shanghai, blowing out their candles at the same time and making their way into the Guinness Book of Records. The gathering ousted the previous record which was held by 378 Girl Scouts of Medford in New Jersey. In other candle related record breaking attempts, over 2,959 candles were simultaneously lit at a festival in Kab Elias, Lebanon, promoting a message of 'peace and love'.

Earth Hour promotes energy conservation and is the single largest event of it's type in the fight against climate change. A global community of millions of people in over 152 countries are united in turning off their lights for an hour in a show of concern for the state of the planet.

Energy conversation is a topic which is important to an increasingly large amount of people and a cause which we aim to promote through the use of our products. One simple way of reducing your power usage is to swap to a battery candle instead of using your main light. As well as being friendlier to the planet, the soft light from one of our battery operated candles is a a lot less harsh than a usual overhead bulb and comes without the dangers of a traditional candle.