Dining Room Candles - Candles in the Home: Part 2

We’ve collected together three inventive ways to spice up your dining room

Lighting candles during meals is no new fad, so thinking of new ways to keep your dining table looking fresh can be a challenge. We've collected together three inventive ways to spice up your dining room below, each making use of our extensive range of battery candles.

Waterproof Candles

It goes without saying that regular candles and water don't really mix, which is why our range of Floralytes are perfect for those who like to make a splash. Submerge each LED light into a vase to illuminate flowers placed within it for a dazzling effect. For an extra sparkle, match the colour of your Floralytes to your flowers, choosing from our range of styles including pink, purple and orange LED lights. 

Mirror Candles

The dining table isn't the only place to feature candles, placing a cluster of candles on a sideboard or mantlepiece can help create the perfect dining ambience. A simple trick to maximise the amount of light is to place your battery candles in front of a mirror, reflecting light back into the room.

Tapered Candles

Whilst other candles can be nice, I don't think anything will ever beat the elegance of a pair of tapered candles on a dining table. Our silicone based flameless tapered candles are available in black, red and classic white, emitting a warm, white flicker.

Dining Room Candles Pinterest

We have plenty more ideas on how you can create the perfect dining room experience over on our Pinterest page, as well as for the other rooms featured in our Candles in the Home series. Have a look and let us know if you spot anything which you think we should feature! Next in our 'Candles in the Home' series we are taking things outside and giving you ideas on how to make use of candles in the garden.

Image credit: Robyn Jay on Flickr