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Enjoy Lighting

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Enjoy Lighting

Enjoy Lighting

Enjoy Lighting is one of the most prestigious, technologically advanced and smart brands in the market. Their secret is that their newest candles include 3 LED's placed and programmed to create the most realistic flickering effect.

Most of their candles also include different timing programs so the candles can be set up to switch on and off at a give time.

Enjoy Lighting ideal for Home Decoration

The Enjoy Lighting range includes a wide variety of sizes, colours and textures making them ideal to decorate your home. Their colours range from White Swan and Beeswax to Cranberry Red and Celery Green and their textures range from Smooth or Frosted to Mottled or Distressed giving an amazing decorative effect to any room.

On top of that, Enjoy Lighting candles feature different fragrances to add an extra touch to the warm atmosphere created by their presence in your home.