Flameless Candles: 10 reasons to make the switch

Ten reason why to make the transition to flameless candles

1. Perfect for use outdoors

With flameless candles, there is no need to worry about the flame being blown out from a breeze. Also, we sell a range of waterproof candles which can be kept outside during all weather.

2. Safe around children

One popular reason for swapping over to flameless candles is because of the possibility of children harming themselves on open flames.

3. Not dangerous to pets

Having an open flame around animals can lead to accidents, resulting in either your pet being injured or lit candles being knocked over onto soft furnishings.

4. Safety first

No more scorching of fingers while trying to light a fiddly traditional candle. Flameless candles can also be left unattended without the risk of a fire breaking out.

5. Tidier than traditional candles

Wax damage can ruin furniture in your home, especially those with wooden surfaces. Also smoke from prolonged use of candles can cause discolouration on wallpaper. Neither of these are a problem with flameless candles.

6. Can be used as a nightlight

The soft flickering of a battery operated candle is much gentler on the eyes than the harsh light from a lamp. Of course, lighting traditional candles when tired is a dangerous idea and should be avoided. Our candles can be lit the whole night through to gently illuminate the room as you sleep.

7. More colourful than traditional candles

Battery operated candles come in a wide range of colours and designs. From primary colours to colour changing candles, we also stock a range of candles in shapes such as hearts.

8. Suitable for all types of events

As mentioned previously, our flameless candles are very popular with weddings, espeically those held in historical venues which do not allow for open flames.

9. Available to hire

For those interested in using our candles at events, we offer a flameless candle hire service rather than having to purchase a multitude of candles.

10. Ease of use

We sell a range of candles which are remote controlled, allowing for you to switch them on them without leaving your seat.