Flameless candles never burn down, no heat, no mess. Safe around children and pets

Flameless Candles Event Inspiration

With the events season fast approaching, we offer some inspiration for the use of our Battery Candles. Whatever your event, we believe that our candles will make the perfect addition to your decorations


Summer BBQs

With the beatiful weather (hopefully) set to continue, it is the season for BBQs and garden parties. With this change in season, we would suggest using our outdoor pillar candles, made of silicone and designed to be able to withstand more adverse weather conditions than our real wax candles.

Dinner Parties

If you are hosting any dinner parties in the future we have a range of smaller candles that would make the perfect addition to your table spread. Our Real Wax Covered Mini Votives are small, and with a real wax outer offer a realistic option. These real wax votives are also available in 1.75" or 3" if you wanted something slightly larger. All of these candles come with the realistic flickering light feature, which can be seen on our homepage video.


Whether you are celebrating a birthday, christening, graduation - or whether you just fancy a party - our candles can create an impressive effect. For larger parties, we would suggest our larger pillar candles to give enough light to fill a larger space, and to ensure that they stand out from the rest of the decorations. These candles are available individually or with a discount when purchased as bundles.