Flameless Candles for the Elderly

Battery operated candles make a great candle alternative for the elderly


We supply flameless candles to a wide range of customers, whether to individuals or commercial clients. We have plenty of elderly customers ordering battery candles for their home, a safer alternative to an open flame.

Great for those with poor eyesight or mobility

We recently had a customer purchase a pair of small pillar candles for a friend's 80th birthday present. The lantern she had purchased was originally meant to be used with traditional candles, but as her friend had poor eyesight she felt that switching to battery operated ones may be safer. Flameless candles are also a good choice for those who are a little unsteady on their feet, avoiding the possibility of knocking over an open.

When reading the news and finding stories of unattended candles causing accidents, it is often unfortunately the elderly who are involved. Recently, an elderly couple in Croydon left a set of tealights burning overnight on a fibreglass bath. The heat from the candles melted the bath and caused a fire. Thankfully the pair only suffered smoke inhalation, although their bathroom was gutted by the blaze.

Remote control flameless candless on sale 

If you're interested in purchasing battery candles for an elderly relative, we would recommend one of our remote control flameless candles. Combining a timer and remote control, these candles can be operated from the comfort of an armchair or bed with the included remote control. In addition to its unique features, we are currently offering a set of three luxury remote control flameless candles at a reduced price of £21.95 over on our online store.