Flameless candles keep Scotland burning bright

They don't just belong in the home, our candles are fit for a king

Our flameless candles have found homes across the world, not only with families but with businesses in a number of industries. Whether on stage, lighting a wedding or illuminating a previously gloomy corner of a castle, Battery Candles products certainly get around.

One of our biggest clients is Historic Scotland, a government agency which deals with the upkeep and running of over 360 historic locations including Edinburgh Castle, Jarlshof and Caerlaverock Castle. Our candles are used in over 20 of the attractions across the country, including castles, priories and bell towers, illuminating ancient monuments in an authentic yet safe glow.

The use of battery candles in historic landmarks and attractions has become commonplace for safety, as well as smoke and wax damage. One of the most famous accidents involving fire at a historical landmark was the 1992 blaze at Windsor Castle. Costing £36.5 million to repair and dealing extensive damage to some of the most historic sections of the castle, the fast-spreading fire is said to have originated from a halogen lamp shining on a curtain. The damage caused took five years to repair and damaged over 100 rooms of the castle.

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