Garden Candles - Candles in the Home: Part 3

Candlelit garden parties or midnight picnics can be a lot of fun, but trying to keep candles lit when there is a breeze can prove to be quite tricky! Whilst they are great for inside the home, battery candles are also perfect for in the garden, allowing you to use candles in places where it would usually be impossible to do so. Below are three ways in which you can illuminate your garden using flameless candles.

Candle Torches

When you think of outdoor candles, garden torches are probably the first things that come to mind. Usually involving burning oil, garden torches can make great statement pieces and illuminate your garden wonderfully. If you are looking for a battery operated alternative, there are some beautiful flameless tealight holders available, including the coloured glass holders shown above or garden themed candle holders from English Lamp Post Co. When used at the entrance to the garden or as a border around a flower bed, tealight holders act as an attractive way of defining sections of your garden.

Hanging Candles

Another idea for how you can make use of candles in your garden is to hang them from surrounding trees or place them in lanterns. This is a great way of illuminating your garden for all kinds of events including weddings and parties. By making use of flameless candles, you rule out the risk of any danger which could be posed by regular candles scorching the branches of surrounding trees.

Candle Paper Bags

Light the way through your garden with these candle paper bags. The soft flicker of your battery candle will give them a warm glow, perfect for use as a path marker or table centrepiece. Candle paper bags are available in various colours with cut-outs, or for a fun party favour, get a plain white paper bag and allow for children or guests to draw designs on each.

Garden Candles Pinterest

Pinterest is bustling with ideas on how to make use of candles within your garden and luckily for you, we have collected some of the best onto our very own Pinterest board. Next up in the 'Candles in the Home' series is one of the most important rooms in the house, the Living Room, or if you missed out, go back and read our previous posts on candles in the bathroom and dining room.

Photo credits: Design3000, Erlina Kim Photography, Sky Lanterns Online