Flameless candles never burn down, no heat, no mess. Safe around children and pets

Garden Party Candles for Summer 2013

We've had a poke around Pinterest for the best uses of battery candles for your Summer garden parties

Brighter evenings and the arrival of Summer might mean that your Battery Candles may not get as much use as those dark Winter nights. Thankfully, some bright sparks over on Pinterest have got lots of ideas to make sure your flameless candles don't gather dust.

One of our favourite tutorials for fun, outdoor candle holders is shown in the image above. These origami tealight holders are perfect for brightening up a patio table during an evening meal or to illuminate a dusk garden party. All you need is some sheets of paper, a pen, ruler, scissor and some flexible folding fingers. Read the full tutorial over on Passengers on a Little Spaceship.

Making use of old jars is an old favourite of candle crafters, including the pretty triangle covered candle holder above. Really easy to make, requiring just PVA glue and tissue paper, read the full tutorial over on Henry Happened.

If you don't fancy getting crafty yourself, there are plenty of ready made paper laterns for you to choose from, many of them recommending flameless candles over traditional tealights for safety and ease of use. Our favourites are the fun takeway box candle bags from Chinese Lanterns. We wouldn't recommend using actual takeway boxes, unless you'd like your party to smell like last night's Chicken Chow Mein!

We hope one of the above ideas catches our eye, don't forget to stock up on flameless candles before you get the party started!