How much could you save? Battery vs traditional candles

Using candles to create a warm atmosphere in your home can have a relaxing and welcoming effect. However, using these candles on a daily basis can lead to endless shopping trips and mass wax-cleaning sessions - taking away some of the novelty of this effect. In addition to being cleaner than traditional candles, battery candles are also much more cost-effective! Here we compare some prices and lifespan to give you an idea as to how much you could save by 'making the switch'.

Our pillar candles and pillar candle bundles are some of our most popular products - and no wonder! Comparing the average burn time of a traditional candle (50-75 hours) to that of a battery candle (500 to 1,000 hours with 1 set of batteries), it's clear to see which product will create the least 'hastle'. But it's also cost-effective too. A 20cm pillar candle sold at a well-known supermarket chain costs £5; our comparative pillar candle costs as little as £12.00. Looking at the burn time, you would have to buy more than 6 regular candles to last as long as this, bringing the cost to over that of our battery candle - and that is just one set of batteries! Along with this benefit, these candles have a timer, allowing you to fall asleep without the worry of blowing out the candles or the fire risk.  

Tapers are wonderful for dinner parties, and battery powered tapers can create a wonderfully authentic feel (complete with 'flickering effect') without the worry of wax on your candelabras. Taper burn times are typically stated at 1 hour per inch of the candle used. Therefore a traditional 9" candle would burn for 9 hours, whereas our battery tapers burn for around 100 hours - on one set of batteries! With 100 hours of battery for as little as £21, compared with 11 flame candles (90 hours) for typically around £7.00, it's clear to see how much you could save on these beautiful and authentic candles. 

"But tealights can be bulk-bought!" Well savings can even be made here, as tradiational candles burn for 3-5 hours compared to our burn time of 70 hours. Once again, it is important to remember that this is just for 1 set of batteries, the replacement of which costs as little as 80p / candle! Throw in the benefit of no mess and safe flames, and you can save yourself time and money.

We believe that our range of products has the quality, lifespan and cost-efficiency to tempt even the most devoted traditional candle users to convert to battery candles. Check out our extensive range, and feel free to contact us if you have any queries.