How to make Mummy Jars with Battery Candles

It's almost time for the scariest night of the year… All Hallows Eve. We've been scrolling through Pinterest looking for Halloween inspiration and ways to showcase our wonderful Battery Candles. If you've ever looked at Pinterest you'll know we had a lot to choose from, but we went for something that everyone could get involved with and would be safe for children to do too.

You'll need:

1 x Large Mason jar
1 x Medium Mason jar
1 x PVA Glue
1 x 4.5m Crepe Bandage (or alternative)
4 x Googly eyes
2 x 3" Wax Covered Votives


Step One:

Before gluing wrap the bandages around the Mason jar to see how much material you will need and cut the desired amount. Apply your glue around the top of the jar, place the bandage around the top and hold for a few seconds to make sure it takes hold.

Step Two:

Continue to wrap the bandage around the Mason jar, we pulled it quite tight around the jar to make sure enough light would shine through. When you have wrapped it all the way around, place a line of glue on the last remaining section and stick down. We then put a circle of glue on the bottom of the jar to make sure the bandages stayed in place.

Step Three:

Cut a thinner strip of bandage and wraparound the jar, make sure not to overlap too much as the light won't shine through as well. Simply apply a small amount of glue on the two end pieces and stick down. This section is optional, we wanted to make them a little more mummified.

Step Four:

Work out where you want to place your googly eyes, apply a small amount of glue to the back of the eyes and stick in place.

Step Five:

Once the glue has dried, place your Battery Candles in the jar and screw the lid on. Simply place wherever you see fit!

We had a lot of fun making our Mummy Jars and we hope you do too. Please remember to share your creations on our Facebook page and via Twitter, we can't wait to see!