How to Make Use of Flameless Candles in Schools

We look at how flameless candles can be used in schools 

Traditionally, using candles in the classroom has not been a viable idea. Apart from the obvious danger of an open flame around children, oversensitive smoke detectors and messy wax spillages are other things to consider. If your school does allow candles, the risk assessment forms which would need to be filled out upon each use are enough of a deterrent to reconsider their use. Rather than refraining from using candles at school, here are a few reasons why switching to battery operated candles could have numerous benefits for your students.

Keep children engaged

For younger children, flameless candles make a great visual aid. Make maths more interesting by involving the candles in simple sums, much more effective for both visual and kinaesthetic learners. Also, using flameless candles in assemblies creates a calming atmosphere for children while avoiding open flames.

Great for arts & crafts

When choosing projects for art class, basing your crafting around a set of battery operated candles opens up a whole range of fun things to make and do. Origami paper lanterns can safely flicker like their traditional counterparts and decorated candleholders can glow brightly. Battery candles can also be used to get creative in classes other than art. For Religious Studies, 'stained glass' windows made out of tissue paper look great with a flameless candle flickering behind. Of course, flameless candles are also great at Halloween, Easter and Christmas.

Light up the stage

Budding actors can make use of our flameless candles in drama productions, giving a realistic glow without the risks of an open flame. Our candles are used to the limelight, appearing on Channel 4's 'Beeny's Restoration Nightmare' and throughout Sky 1's live OSCAR coverage. The best part about our flameless candles is that you don't have to worry about replacing them as you would with traditional candles, they can be brought out year after year for future productions.

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