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How to use Candles to Fall Asleep Peacefully

We look at the benefits of using flameless candles to fall asleep

The soft flicker of a candle can be mesmerising, especially in the dark of night. Swapping from harsh overhead lighting to the soft glow of a candle can provide a soothing way to unwind before bed. Here are some points to consider when making the transition.

Open flames in the bedroom

Of course, falling asleep with lit candles is extremely dangerous. Some guides recommend lighting traditional candles in a metal holder so that the risk of fire is reduced. We would not recommend using traditional candles in the bedroom at all, as you should never leave open flames unattended. Even after taking precautions such as placing the candle in an appropriate holder and keeping it away from flammable materials, the candle becoming unstable and falling over is still a risk.

A natural nightlight

Flameless candles make a perfect nightlight as their glow is gentle enough to not disturb you, while illuminating the room enough for you to see. Additionally, If you only want the candle on as you fall asleep, we stock a range of timer flameless candles which can be set to automatically switch off after a set period. We also sell a flameless candle with a built-in daylight sensor, automatically lighting itself at dusk and staying illuminated all the way through to dawn.

Scented flameless candles

Using a flameless candle before bed can be a multi-sensory experience, not only soothing through light but also through scent. We stock a large range of vanilla scented candles which can act as a sleep-aid, filling your bedroom with a sweet vanilla scent before you sleep. Tests have shown that the scent of vanilla can reduce feelings of anxiety and claustrophobia and is also one of the most calming. Browse our full range of scented flameless candles on our store.