How To With Battery Candles: Christmas Houses

We found this fantastic idea on Yvestown, it's a really lovely addition to a mantelpiece or a windowsill this Christmas. What's great about this is that you can use your Battery Candle tea lights and leave them on all night with no stress or worry about melting wax or naked flames.


Step One:

Print out the templates here and the roof templates here. We wanted to use card to make a sturdier house, because of this we printed the templates to paper and traced around the template to the card.

Step Two:

Place the paper and card on a cutting mat, slowly and carefully use your craft knife to cut out the outline of the house and roof. We found that the trickiest bit was cutting the windows out, just be patient with this part. Once you've cut the template out, fold the designated sections and tabs.

Step Three:

Once you have completed Step Two it's now time to glue! Obviously it's up to you which parts you glue first, we started by gluing down the single side first. Then continue until all side and base tabs are stuck down. Once this has dried and is sturdy simply glue roof tab and attach.

Step Four:

Find the perfect location for your houses, switch your tea lights on and pop them in the houses.



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