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Last Minute Bonfire Night Decorations

With Bonfire Night just around the corner we've found some great last minute decorating ideas that we wanted to share with you.

Glitter Jars

A simple yet effective decoration to add a bit of extra sparkle to your Bonfire Night Party this year. Create a water and glue wash by mixing a bit of glue and water, then coat the inside of your glass jar. Choose the glitter of your choice (we think an array of colours would really create a WOW factor) sprinkle into your jar and then roll and shake the jar until the inside is fully coated with glitter. Once dry place your battery candle inside, we recommend a Pillar Candle and screw the lid on.

Candle Aisle

With the nights getting darker a lot earlier why not create a path of candles to guide your guests to the Bonfire area. Simply place your Battery Candles alone or inside a container to create a guiding light to lead guests to the party. Such a fantastic way to set the scene for the evening.

Tree Lanterns

Add a touch of glammer to your party with this fantastic idea. All you need is some glass holders with handles and strips of ribbon. Place your Battery operated tea lights in the glass holder and use the ribbon to attach it to the branches of your tree, you can add as many or as little as you wish.

Apple Candleholders

If you have any leftover apples that aren't being used as Toffee Apples, then why not put them to use as a candleholder? Simply take your Battery operated tea light, place on top of the apple and draw around the outside of the candle. Using this guideline cut out the round of apple, make sure its just deep enough so the top of the candle is inline with the apple. Pop in your tea light et voila you have yourself an apple candleholder.

We hope you have a wonderful evening celebrating, but please remember to stay safe!

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