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Living Room Candles - Candles in the Home: Part 4

Whether after a long day at work or when entertaining friends, candles can provide a warming glow in your living room that cannot be replicated by traditional domestic lighting. Regular wax candles look attractive yet pose a fire hazard, especially when surrounded by soft furnishings. In this blog post we have listed three ways to incorporate our range of battery operated candles into your living room, in the penultimate entry of our 'Candles in the Home' blog series.

Fireplace Candles

Replacing a roaring fire with pillar candles is a look which has been seen in many interior design magazines and blogs, creating a stylish focal point for your living room. Battery candles allow you to create this look without the worry of spilt wax or it being a possible fire hazard, and to avoid overheating in the warmer summer months. To save having to turn on each battery candle separately, we would recommend purchasing one of our remote control battery operated candle sets, allowing you to illuminate your fireplace with the touch of one button. 

Bookcase Candles

Making use of candles on a bookshelf is an attractive way of brightening a room whilst illuminating the pulp fiction or dusty tomes placed behind. Traditional candles can cause marks or have a damaging effect on some surfaces, especially the wood or fibreboard used for bookshelves, making battery operated candles a superior alternative. Also, a bookcase would be a great place to display your homemade candle holder creations, such as those we described in our recent blog post. 

Coffee Table Candles

Placing battery candles on a coffee table provides a central light source for a living room as an alternative to a table lamp. By using a battery operated candle, the soft flicker can illuminate the room gently, compared to a bulb based lamp. Flameless candles also avoid the risk of accidents when reaching for magazines or mugs which are placed nearby.

Candles in the Home series

The next post will be the last in the 'Candles in the Home' series, listing ideas for battery operated candles in the bedroom. Before then, catch up on previous installments of the series here, for the bathroom, dining room and garden.