Make the Most of Your Garden with Flameless Candles

Just because Summer is over doesn't mean you can't still enjoy your garden

It's hard to believe that Summer is over already and September is here. While that doesn't mean that the hot weather is gone for good, it's definitely time to start making the most of it before it leaves us until next year. Of course, the night comes around a little quicker than the height of Summer, so you may need a little extra light as the evening progresses. We have a wide range of battery operated candles created especially for outdoor use which are great for keeping the party going that extra bit longer.

Weather-proof and ready for action

The difference between our normal battery operated candles and our special outdoor range is that they eliminate the hassle of remembering to bring them inside after each evening in the garden. Also, a number of the outdoor candles we sell comes with a remote control so that they can all be dimmed simultaneously.  We also stock candles in different colours, including a sage green colour which would fit in perfectly amongst the shrubbery. Flameless candles offer a way of illuminating your garden in a way which was impossible with traditional candles. 

Light the way along your garden path

If you are looking for a battery operated candle to use as a garden nightlight rather than table decoration, we stock a 6" candle equipped with a daylight sensor so that it automatically illuminates at dusk and runs through until morning. With stainless fittings and a weatherproof seal, the moulding of the candle has been designed with English weather in mind and carefully prevents rainwater from pooling within. The candle can be left unattended and will run for up to four months from one set of batteries or can be turned off manually for when not in use.

Image by Kamal Wijeratna on Flickr