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Make Your Own Battery Candle Holders

There are countless candlesticks and candle holders available in all shapes and sizes, but this blog is all about making your own from everyday items. With Christmas coming up too, they make a great table setting or gift for a friend.

Twig candle holder 

When you read the instructions to some crafty creations, you can be left reeling thinking about how costly your trip to your local craft shop will be. The good news for this candle holder is that first and foremost, it's inexpensive! All you need is a selection of twigs, an old tumbler or jar, and some glue. Collect your twigs and make sure they are completely dry before starting crafting. Then, use the glue to attach the twigs to the side of the tumbler, varying shapes and sizes of twigs as you go round to make it more interesting. Once you have attached all your twigs, leave it to set and then place your battery candle inside.

Fabric candle holder 

The best thing about making your own battery candle holders is that you can customise them to your own style. These glass jar candle holders can be decked out with any fabric you wish but work best with light colours. Cut some fabric of your choice into strips and adhere them to the sides of the jar using a watered down glue mixture. Pop your battery candle inside and you're done. For full instructions, have a look at the how-to over on Fellow Fellow. For a different approach to this candle holder, how about using old books and maps instead of fabric? Arrow & Apple have got a great tutorial on how to do this over on their blog.

Tin can candle holder

If your craft skills are a little rusty, you'll love this one as it's very simple. Also if you had soup for lunch, you're halfway there! Get an old can, a permanent marker and a hammer and map out your festive design on the side of the can. Then carefully puncture the can where you have marked it for a simple yet effective battery candle holder. For full instructions, have a look at this post on Gardening Clan. The other great thing about this crafty candle holder is that it's perfect for outside use when the weather picks up.

Craft Candles Pinterest

I hope you enjoyed these candle holder ideas for your battery candles. I think they look great and will also keep you busy on a wet afternoon. If you would like some more inspiration, make sure you follow our 'Candle Crafts' board on our Pinterest profile.