Negatives candle holder for crafty photographers

Snap happy crafters finally have a use for their old negatives in this fun tutorial

With most of us now sporting a fancy smartphone, taking a photograph is much easier than it used to be; no carrying around a separate camera or trips to the chemist to get them developed. If the days before digital cameras sound familiar, you most likely have a drawer in the spare room filmed with old photo negatives. This tutorial is a great idea to put some of them to use and make a holder for your flameless candles, rather than gathering dust. If you ditched your negatives or don't fancy using them for crafting, you could also print your photos onto tracing paper for a similar effect. 

Due to the transparent nature of negatives, displaying them with a light source behind makes them much easier to see, much like viewing them on a professional lightbox. Negatives come in all shapes and sizes, so experiment with whatever you have! Similarly, be inventive when deciding what candle holder to use; try different shapes and sizes and for an interesting effect, try in a coloured glass holder. This candle holder would look particularly good at a birthday or wedding, with memories of past events or special moments lighting up the room.

For the full tutorial with photos and a step-by-step guide, head over to Photojojo.