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Our Flameless Candles Reviewed

Kelli at Inside My Head & Christine from A Mom's Take test out some of our products

We love to hear that our wide range of customers are satisfied with their purchase and enjoy using their flameless candles. From time to time, we like to put our products to the test by sending them out for review. We recently had the pleasure of speaking to Kelli at Inside My Head, a blog which covers family, life and fun, or as Kelli puts it herself, "if it's inside my head, chances are you'll see it on my blog". Kelli was interested in trying out our flameless candles, so we sent over a two pack of 3"  wax covered votives and a 4" vanilla scented candle with a 5 hour timer, both from Candle Impressions.

"From a distance you would never know the difference"

Kelli's initial reaction to our candles was that she was shocked at home much like a real candle they looked and felt. She also enjoyed the light vanilla scent that the 4" candle gave out.  She also found the timer functionality easy to operate, quickly being able to switch between the available settings.

"I have used my flameless candles so much since receiving them, that if they had been real they would be gone already!"

Kelli was also pleased with the endurance of her battery operated candles, noting how that if she had bought a pack of traditional candles, she would have had to replace them by now. 

We also sent a set of our candles to Christine at A Mom's Take. Before having children, Christine loved having candles around her home but had to cut back over fears of her children's safety. She loved the waxy appearance of the candles and also the fact she would be able to use them at future events.

"My niece is celebrating her quinceañera in February and these flameless candles would be perfect, especially since her venue doesn’t allow fire."

We were so glad to hear that Kelli & Christine enjoyed using their flameless candles and that so many of their readers have expressed interest in trying them out for themselves. To read Kelli's full review of our products, head over to her post on Inside My Head and for Christine's, head over to A Mom's Take.