Create a Pineapple Jack-o'-Lantern

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Create a Pineapple Jack-o'-Lantern

Fancy a twist on the traditional Pumpkin Jack-o'Lantern this year?

You'll need:

1 x Large Pineapple
1 x Chopping Board
1 x Sharp Knife (1 x Adult)
1 x Bowl
1 x Battery Operated Candle

Step One:

Cut off the top of the Pineapple, put it to one side to use again later. Next cut up the fruit inside to make it easier to scoop out, when scooping be careful not to damage to outer skin. Simply pop the fruit in a bowl to eat later (or make Piña Coladas!).

Step Two:

Wash the inside of the Pineapple with water and dry out, this removes some of the stickiness.

Step Three:

Now pick your design and cut the outer Pineapple to create your desired face. Pop your candle inside, place the lid on top and hey presto you have yourself a unique Pinapple Jack-o'-Lantern!

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