The Great (Gatsby) Art Deco Candle Holder Guide

Give your battery candles an art deco look with little inspiration from The Great Gatsby


Summertime means hot, lazy afternoons, trips to the seaside and walks in the park. It is also the perfect time to sit in a dark room for a couple of hours and catch one of the latest Summer blockbusters. One particular film which is gaining a lot of buzz is The Great Gatsby, Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic story of the American Dream gone bad. If you've seen Luhrmann's previous films such as Moulin Rouge and Romeo & Juliet, you'll be unsurprised to hear that The Great Gatsby is packed to the rafters with glamour and debauchery, featuring that unmistakeable art deco style. To glitz up your flameless candles, we've selected a few of our favourite art deco candle holders to get you in the mood before the film is released on May 16th.