Top 10 Weirdest Candle Holders

A collection of the strangest candle holders from the deepest, darkest corners of the web


One of the best things about illuminating your home with candles is their versatility. Whether it's the room that you are featuring them in or the particular candle holder you are using, one candle can go a long, long way. Sometimes too much choice when it comes to candle holders can lead to some unexpected results, as shown in the gallery of assorted horrors below.

Whilst it's hard to pick a favourite from the bunch of ghoulish holders, we think the award for the creepiest candle holders have to be the porcelain doll heads. Terrifying! We secretly kind of like the dinosaurs, and the lightsaber is a must for any Star Wars fan.

The obvious benefit of flameless candles is the fact that there is no dangerous flame which could cause accidents. Looking at the collection above, some of them might actually be better off being thrown in the fire!