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Two seaside flameless candle holder tutorials

Don't shell out for an expensive candle holder, here's two seaside inspired tutorials for you


British summertime can be unpredictable, but you can be sure that a sunny day will cause us Brits to flock to the beach. If a few trips a year aren't enough, make a splash at your Summer garden party or in a seaside themed bathroom with these two candle holder tutorials.

The first tutorial is for the glazed glass candle holder shown above from Happy Happy Nester. Perfect for holding chunky flameless candles, this sea glass holder started life as a basic Ikea vase. To find out how you can make you own glazed candle holder, check out their tutorial

The second candle holder is from Viazan with a video walkthrough of her seashell candle holder. If you find a spare moment between queueing for ice creams and finding a vacant deck chair, collect a few of the prettiest shells you can find for this tutorial. Checkout the video below and visit her blog for the full walkthrough.