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Which LED battery candle is for you?

We showcase the different features of our LED candles to help you decide which is for you


So what are LED candles? There isn't just one answer to that question. At Battery Candles we are incredibly proud of our wide range of LED candles, so we wanted to make sure that it's as easy as possible to find what you are looking for...


The features of our LED candles are probably the most important aspect to consider when buying Battery Candles for the first time. Whether it is the 'look' of the candle or the 'burn time' which is most important to you, we have a range of features to ensure we have the perfect candle for everyone...

Flame style: we offer moving flame Luminara technology, molded flames, mirage moving-flame effect or wick design candles

Outer: our pillar wax outers are realistic and can be smooth, scented, unscented, rustic or melted top

Burn time: burn time is the number of hours the candle will run with a single set of batteries, and we offer candle of burn times up to 1,000 hours. Perfect for the hospitality industry!

Timers: we also offer some candles with 5 hour timers (turn off after 5 hours) or even programmable timers which can be set to turn on/off at the same time each day, working on a 24 hour cycle


Our LED candles come in a variety of different materials! For a more simple and cost-effective option, why not consider a plastic candles? Or for a more realistic option, our real wax candles have an outer of wax that is just like a traditional candle. Finally our silicone candles offer a more substantial option, either as a taper or as an outdoor candle.


Our different LED candles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our smallest LED candle types are our tea lights and mini votives. We also offer larger wax covered votives if you are looking for something larger but still on the smaller scale - perfect for holders. Moving up the scale from there are our pillar candles ranging from 2.5" tall to our largest 9" pillars in a variety of designs including moving flame pieces, molded flames and wick designs. Lastly, our thinner taper candles are perfect for use in candlesticks and are available in a range of heights from 5.5" to 10.5"