New Cheerful Candles

Cheerful Candle™ are a range of high‐quality, premium scented candles handmade in the USA which, in their 30th anniversary year, are now being made available in the UK for the first time. Their candle vessels range from the familiar apothecary jars to traditional chunky farmhouse glassware and an original and stylish ceramic range of rustic pots.

Every scent is distinctively matched with the corresponding container designs for all four seasons and also for all‐year‐round use with dozens of amazing scents to choose from in the three vessel designs.

The Cheerful Candle Company established in 1991, is best known for the extraordinary accuracy and depth of their True To Life™ fragrances.

All but the smallest candles in the three ranges are double‐wicked using self‐trimming cotton wicks with zinc cores to produce an amazing and longer‐lasting fragrance throw with a clean and even burn that never 'tunnels' in use, pooling right to the edge of the jars in 1 to 2 hours. Amazingly vivid and faithful scents, high quality and better value for money has been the key to Cheerful Candles' customer brand loyalty for many years.