Our Guide to Flameless BatteryCandles

Hopefully you will find this useful and pass it on to others to whom it may be of interest. It's just about impossible to cover all versions of the candles in this popular growing market so we've selected the most common candles that are available to buy in stores and on the internet within the UK.

What's all the fuss about?

Safe, clean and practical... All flameless battery candles are safe as they don't generate any heat. The lighting is powered by batteries - disposable or rechargeable. There is also no messy wax to clear up. With thousands of fires caused by candles each year, these candles allow those with pets or children to enjoy candlelight in safety.

Cost effective and Convenient... Burning for up to 1,000 hours on one or two batteries these really do save a lot of money.

Restauratuers, hoteliers and events managers can also benefit from big savings and added convenience. Just think - no awkward lighting, no risk in busy customer areas, no need to clean glasses or holders, or to replace dead candles. 

Flameless Battery Tealights

    Usually made in the same height and width as a standard tea light. The tea light is switched on from the bottom and run times can go up to an amazing 80 hours on a single replaceable button cell battery. The flames are moulded from plastic with various light intensities - usually two main varieties - bright white or amber. As they are structured to resemble a real tea light they should fit into most tea light holders that you already have around the home. No heat is generated at the base or flame.

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    Real Wax Flameless Candles With LED Bulbs

      Battery pillar candles and tealights in table decoration


      The electronic units of these flameless candles are covered with real wax making these arguably the most authentic flameless candles. Some have a melted edge look and some moulded with a wax drip effect running down the side. The LED bulb at the top creates a warm flickering effect when switched on. Batteries are easily replaceable.  The wax is of high quality so remember these will fracture and shatter if dropped or placed down hard.

      Real Wax Flameless Candles With Wick Design

        Battery pillar candles and tealights in table decoration


        These real wax flameless candles come in a variety of shapes - square, round or twisted to name a few, and each has a black wick at the top in the centre to resemble a real wick. It is important to note that these wicks should not be lit under any circumstances. The light emanates from the middle to the top of the candle, and has a random flickering effect. With a burn time of up to 1000 hours, these candles offer an amazingly economical option.

        Remote Control Flameless Battery Candles

          Battery pillar candles and tealights in table decoration


          Now we're getting really lazy! These candles can be switched on from 20 feet away with a slim line, infrared control, and all from the comfort of your armchair - or bar!  Some also have a timer function, so are perfect if you want your candles on high shelves or candelabras, or if you are going out for the night and want to leave a candle flickering in your window.

          Flameless Candle Tapers Or Dinner Candles

            Battery pillar candles and tealights in table decoration


            Made from materials such as silicone resin, plastic and even real wax, the flameless tapers are becoming the candle of choice for many restaurants, hotels, choirs and TV shows. They are usually switched on by the pressing the flame or via a switch at the base. The tapers usually run on a one or two AA or AAA batteries and can have run times of 80 hours plus. As they are of standard taper sizes they will usually fit in to candelabras or other candle holders but our advice is to check all dimensions of the candle before purchasing.

            Flameless Battery Candle Holders Or Votives

              Battery pillar candles and tealights in table decoration


              We offer 3 varieties of battery operated candles with holders; either plastic or glass. They all have one thing in common, there's no heat or messy wax generated, so all are perfectly safe. The candle element is either a custom built module to fit into the holder or simply a candleholder with a flameless tea light inside it. The candles can last up to 150 hours on just a couple of batteries.