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Candle Hire Terms & Conditions

Yavi Online Ltd ( and the client (Hirer) agree that in course of their relationship will supply equipment, for payment or free of charge, which will be supplied under the conditions contained herein.

By proceeding with the order you are in agreement to our terms and conditions of hire.


The Hirer agrees to pay the Hire Fees for the equipment at the rates agreed, or specified in the quotation from the date that the equipment is delivered to the date that is returned to
The return of the candles is entirely the Hirer's responsibility and the late return of the equipment will be charged at the normal daily rate until the equipment is returned.
If the equipment is not returned within 7 days of the agreed return date then the Hirer will be liable for the full selling price of the equipment provided, as shown on our website When the candles are returned, any damaged or missing candles will be charged at the price shown in our online shop.


A minimum deposit of 25% of the total hire charge must be paid when placing the order. This deposit will be refunded, minus the costs of any candles not returned in the same condition, damaged, lost, missing the packaging they were sent in or any extra delivery charges incurred within 7 days of receiving the equipment. You will be notified of any deductions in writing.


The Hirer is responsible for procuring their own insurance for the full value of the equipment in the case of loss, theft or damage during the hire period. No insurance is offered by
The Hirer is responsible for 100% of the equipment cost in case of replacement, repair, damage, loss or theft of the hire equipment.


The Hirer shall use the equipment for the purpose(s) for which it is designed and agreed at the time of hire. If the equipment is used in a negligent, unskillful or improper manner, or in a manner other than that for which the equipment was intended or constructed (or if the Hirer leaves the equipment unattended) and the equipment is thereby lost or damaged, then the Hirer shall be liable to for any such loss or damage.


The Hirer agrees to pay all freight, delivery, transportation, shipping, postage and courier costs whether incurred by the Hirer or by in respect of the delivery and/or return of the Equipment. is not liable for any delays in delivery of the equipment. The Hirer will be responsible for any costs incurred (i.e. missed collections) due to the equipment not being ready for collection on the agreed day. Please note that we can not guarantee a time slot for deliveries or collections.


The Hirer agrees that all fees (Hire Charge Deposit and Delivery) under this contract must be paid in advance and the Hirer agrees to provide full contact details. The Hirer agrees to any additional freight, and delivery costs incurred, and any additional Hire fees and other charges incurred as a result of late return of the equipment.


The Equipment shall at all times remain property of The Hirer agrees not to sell, transfer, license, loan, hire or to give the Equipment to anyone or to part with or share possession of the Equipment or do anything which may affect's interest in the Equipment.
If the Equipment is hired on to a third party by the Hirer, it remains responsibility of the Hirer for the condition and return of the Equipment.


At the end of the hire period and before returning the Equipment to, The Hirer agrees to clean the Equipment and to ensure that is packed back into the packaging in which it was supplied.
If the Hirer fails to return the Equipment in the supplied packaging, and damage is caused to the Equipment due to this, then the Hirer agrees that may deduct costs to cover the damage or replacement packaging, or cleaning of the Equipment.

LIABILITY shall not be liable to the Hirer or any third party in respect of any loss or damage however caused arising directly or indirectly from the hire of the Equipment.


Failure to cancel pre-booked Equipment at least 72 hours prior to the delivery date will incur a fee of 50% of the agreed Hire charge.


GENERAL reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.



Updated 07/12/16